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Land ahoy!

Land ahoy!

Welcome to Full Sails Publishing, the homepage of the novels, stories and essays written by Gary S Sloan.

The mission of this site is to increase interest in writing and reading as well as to empower authors like myself. To a writer, ideas are irresistible, words are magical, stories are inevitable and fun is paramount.

May I never forget that writing is my personal domain, never dominated by editorial opinion or by glorified or unsavory reviews or by my readership’s gushing or glowering. No doubt, my intent is to satisfy as many facets of the writing community as possible. Foremost, however, I must please myself as an author and must never allow critique to batten down the hatches or to empty the sails of the tidy little schooner that carries me to-and-fro my many ports of adventure.

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Happy reading and commenting!

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