Buying, Reading and Refunding

Hey, big spender!

Hey, big spender!


Others might think this isn’t a big deal. But to me it’s really irritating.

About a week ago, I checked my sales report on Kindle Direct Publishing and it showed a new sale. Hey, no complaint about that. What’s irritating is that I checked again a week later and the sale was refunded.

All right, maybe the customer disliked the book and that’s fine. What’s not fine is that it doesn’t take a week to make that determination. As such, this information begged the question, did the customer buy, read and refund the book? Of course there is no way for me to know.

Now, although Kindle Direct represents a great step forward for writers, allowing a week to refund a purchase is not only unfair, it is also spineless.  Have customers become so ordained by Amazon that they are allowed to thieve? Seems so, in my opinion.

Has anybody got thoughts on this policy or this practice by big spenders turned to misers?

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