Keep the Schooner Well Trimmed

Disappointment flourishes in the publishing world. All the labor, albeit of love, and so often it turns up empty.

It’s much like setting sail for some far-off exotic port only to find it barbarous and forbidding.

I have experienced it and other writers have experienced it, too.

What to do then?

Wait for high tide and set sail for another destination at once. Somewhere in the vast ocean of possibility memorable experiences await.

It is sad, however, that the self-ordained navigators so many writers are keen to hire to guide their many journeys have never captained a ship of their own, or captained so few they are anything but worthy of navigating yours.

Solution is to sit them ashore at the first available port (we will even grace their banishment with someplace civilized) and cast-off under our own whims and fancies. May they run other ships aground and never our own.

What do you think, mates?

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