To Begin, Press the Start Button

Pure magic in one finger.

Pure magic in one finger.


A lot of activity has filled my day. I’ve done the usual stuff — awaken, make myself presentable, prepare meals, grocery shop, spend almost two hours on phone calls, read email, exercise, practice the drums, and now is the time to write.

But wait, what about the dishes in the sink? Harumph, a dirty patio is unacceptable — got to sweep. Some news-surfing might entertain. Okay, enough — it’s time to write, and no more procrastination.

Do I have to write? Whine.

Of course not.

Do I want to write?


Do I need to write?


Okay, I have now convinced myself to write. Here I go.

What should I write?

What do I want to write?


Then don’t write.

Am I forming a pattern here? Have I spun myself into a whirlwind?

Of course, but why?

Because I failed to press the start button.

But pressing the start button starts me writing.

You’re a genius, Gary. That’s what the start button does.

Okay … and I’m off.


Wham, bam, zam, zing, zew!

Hurray, I’m writing.

No surprise there, I pressed the start button.

But my writing is so much junk.

Well, is my writing machine junk?

No, it’s the latest kit. I spent many hours constructing it. It’s the best writing machine I could afford.

Does the thing start me writing?


Why complain? Follow the instructions, keep the machine well oiled, tuned to a T, governed to a slow and steady speed and expect it to run. What gets written is as good if not better than what I wrote last time I started the machine. Again, why complain?

Because I don’t have the most expensive, easiest, and best writing machine available.

Then soup it up.

Soup it up?

Yes, get to work on it. Take it apart. Oil all the pieces. Replace faulty or substandard parts. Reassemble it. Tighten all bolts to specifications and restart it. Is it better now?

Well, yes, I believe it is. Imagine that, it’s running smoother, generating more power with far less friction and the RPMs have increased.

Does pressing the start button bring me joy?

Makes me feel on top of the world.

Was it hard to press?


How about all that maintenance — worthwhile?

Worth a million bucks.

Why hesitate pressing the start button?

Because I’m afraid my machine won’t start.

Has it ever failed?

Always started.

So what’s all the fuss about, anyway? To begin, press the start button.

Thank you. Now that you mention it, it’s as easy as that.┬áTo begin, press the start button.



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  1. garyssloan Post author

    Welcome to Full Sails Publishing. Your kind comment is appreciated and also your visit. Please return soon. And you’re right, we all need information and encouragement. Thanks for informing and encouraging me. Writing is fun! GSS


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