EBooks Are Powerful

Save a tree. Save yourself.

Save a tree. Save yourself.


This is a comment I wrote on author, David Dvorkin’s blog.

The subject of Mr. Dvorkin’s post was that the inherent “changeability” of eBooks “is one of their many strengths”.

The full post can be read at http://eyeblister.blogspot.com/, under the title “the fluidity of e-books”.

I thought Mr. Dvorkin’s point was valid and important. Here is the last paragraph of his post, followed by my comment:

“Some people have said that this changeability is a drawback to e-books. To my mind, it’s one of their many strengths.”

Little doubt, those people back their criticism with the ideal that paper equates to higher editorial standards, and since eBooks avoid such a painstaking process, they must be inferior and unreliable. Of course, this is claptrap, because garbage has always found its way into print.

The ability to constantly improve a publication can only add to its dependability. No longer are the gatekeepers paragons of trustworthiness (providing they ever were). In the new world of eBooks, much of the responsibility has shifted to the reader.

The era has passed when readers are nothing more than yapping ankle biters begging for food. Readers have now been transformed from consumers into editors, with the power to demand more of the writer.

 The gatekeepers will inevitably whine and seek protection to maintain their empire, because they no longer control the flow of information and entertainment. But in the quality of “changeability” lies the future of publishing.

That which is incorrect can be corrected –– and is no longer protected by inconvenience.

Incidentally, if you wish to read wonderful books in a variety of genres, I recommend visiting David Dvorkin’s website, dvorkin.com. Mr. Dvorkin is a published author in a number of genres who now publishes via eBooks. His books are intelligent, engaging, extremely well written and entertaining.

Give him a visit. It’s well worth your time.


3 thoughts on “EBooks Are Powerful

  1. Christi Moné Marie

    Thank you Gary for posting this highly relevant post of Mr. Dvorkin’s. I couldn’t agree more. And the funny thing to me is when you start a manuscript, most writers use a computer to “write” as it is, so really, it always is in electronic formatting from the beginning. How absurd that the changeability is a drawback! That infers that they aren’t as “reliable”. They will be as reliable as your manuscript in your base source (Word, Scrivner, Open Office, etc) is. Of course if authors print a hard copy to edit through then it may change but even then, for most, they will go back to the base manuscript. For my upcoming debut novel, M. de V.A.LL.E., I have been working from one document that will only “split” once I’m ready for publication. If anything, I could see ebooks as being MORE reliable which to me, is nothing but a plus!

    1. garyssloan Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Christi. I agree that the ability to change a publication at a moment’s noctice is great. To me, it adds a valuable dynamic to eBooks that paper can’t provide. I’m anticipating “M” and would like to know at once when it’s available. Best … Gary

      1. Christi Moné Marie

        Absolutely! A publisher will only provide updates to a paper copy when they’ve sold all copies of the first press run. Which sadly, for most authors, never happens. Even for indie authors, making too many changes on a POD paperback will cause you to register another ISBN number. I don’t believe this is the case for the ebook. In my opinion, it’s superior!

        And yes, Gary, I will let you know when ‘M’ is available 🙂



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