Rev The Engine…

Grrumm ... grrumm ... grrumm...

Vroom … vroom … vroom…


Yesterday came and went a downer. Best I managed was to edit and post an addition to a former post Let’s Write a Story added by author Christi Mone Marie ( I guess the fuel tank neared empty and the engine could never run long enough to heat up.

With some rest and maintenance, I started the engine today and it rumbled alive and glows from the heat of high rpms.

Sometimes engines need a rest. Sometimes their tanks need refilled. Sometimes they need lubrication.

All that accomplished, the satisfying blatting of a well maintained engine makes me happy, because I can sail again to my many ports of call.

If the engine wishes to rest, allow it.

I can count on it firing up and off I go again.



2 thoughts on “Rev The Engine…

  1. Christi Moné Marie

    Haha! This made me laugh! And smile. You’re so good at being whimsical and personal at this blogging thing. I think I’m too serious…

    Anyhoo, I can relate to this post. As of late, most days I’ve been feeling like I’m running on empty. Not physically, but mentally, maybe? I’m drained from working on this project for the last 2 1/2 years and I just want it to be over. But I know it isn’t there yet, so I keep plodding on. I wish my engine could rev at full rpms for the last 3 months I have on this project, even if it needed to be in the shop afterwards for the next 6 months! Lol. But I know that isn’t realistic. And given how much I’ve put into this already, not likely. So, I’ll continue cruising along on what feels like 1/8 tank of fuel and a speed of 20 mph. Eventually, I’ll get to where I need to be.


    1. garyssloan Post author

      Thanks for the nice compliment, Christi. I know exactly where you are because I’ve been there many times since I took on Heller’s Canal. Oh my gosh, talk about a train wreck! The original ms. was so putrid it made me run and hide. My bet is M. De V.A.LL.E. is in far better shape. Three months might seem long, but compared to 2 1/2 years, it’s nothing.

      I took a three-day break from HC last week and it really helped. Indeed, it did “Rev The Engine”, so you might give it a try. I think a post is needed to address how difficult it is to finish the last quarter or so of a novel. Sometimes it seems like the project is a living monster out to suffocate me. And talk about reservations? Oh, I know my ending is going to be rotten. Can I really wrap-up the story sufficiently to satisfy the reader? What happens if the book isn’t read? All these insecurities and many more arise when the project nears completion.

      The way I deal with the problem is quite simple. I tell myself “If I had the talent to complete 75% of the book, then I know I have the talent to finish it satisfactorily”. Once I truly adopt that attitude, the book finishes almost like somebody other than me is writing it.

      Stress not, Christi. your debut novel will finish when it has fully matured. Then it’s a matter of making it read well.

      Christi, I can’t wait to read it. But I can wait as long as you need to finish it.


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