The Black Hole Theory

Where only meaning exists.

Where only meaning exists.

Can you imagine existing in a black hole, in such denseness that light can’t escape?

A well written thought strikes me as similar: The idea is presented in such conciseness that nothing exists but its meaning. Confusion, vagueness and misinterpretation are crushed in the strength of the presentation, conveying reality alone.

It’s a neat metaphor, one that I contemplate often when I write.

A black hole pulls in matter to never allow it to escape.

A well written thought pulls in the reader to never allow him or her to escape.

A well written book is a galaxy of black holes, where the only escape is to finish every thought.

Write with the attraction of a black hole and watch your readership expand and not contract.



2 thoughts on “The Black Hole Theory

  1. garyssloan Post author

    Hi, David. Tell me about it. I’m slogging along editing Heller’s Canal going on two months now. What a nightmare! My patience is evaporating and my head is spinning, like I’m being tugged into oblivion. Will I ever escape? Seems evermore endless … endless … end.



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