Frustration Is Passion Disorganized

Trapped and panicked?

Trapped and panicked?

Isn’t it too early to feel frustration?

Maybe, but I’m beset by it nonetheless.

But your latest book has only been e-published for less than a week.

True, but trends are immediate, and Heller’s Canal has kicked up the dust of a gnat crashing onto hard pan.

Okay, so the book hasn’t taken off like you hoped. So what?

So there is always disappointment when one’s hopes are dashed.

Understood, but shouldn’t you remember that offering a new book authored by an unknown is akin to spitting into a hurricane and expecting the wind to shift?

Where then should I spit?

Into your palms.

You’re referring to girding my loins and heading back into the fields?

Got a better suggestion?

Yeah, feel sorry for myself.

Okay, have at it. I’ll wait five minutes and you can tell me how it went.

(Hang dog looks. Reckless mutterings. Defamatory outbursts. Useless self-pandering.)

Okay, how did it go?

I feel miserable. Woe is me!

Woe is you, indeed. Have your book sales improved?

Not one iota.

Do you feel more energized to alter the reality?

Why should I bother? Wasted effort. Fruitless pursuit.

Then quit writing.

Why should I quit?

Because you’re equating book sales to writing success.

Aren’t they the same?

Not even close. Writing a book has nothing to do with readership. It has to do with leadership.

But nobody is following me?

Some folks are. Isn’t that important?

Of course, but what about fame and fortune?

Are you not immensely richer and more recognized now than before you began writing?

To a degree, yes.

Is not a degree, however small, a sign of progress?

Yes, but oh so much work for oh so little gain.

Wah! Wah!

Yeah, wah, wah!

Does a leader cry under an attack from an adversary?

More wasted effort.

Then gather some saliva and spit in the right direction.

You mean with the hurricane’s flow and not against it?

Yes, writing is a big pursuit just like a hurricane is a big phenomenon. If you expect to write and find happiness, don’t spit against the wind.

Turn around and spit and see if my flying self can catch up with my flying saliva?

Kind of an ugly visual, but something like that.

Doesn’t that make me a follower rather than a leader?

A leader recognizes reality and takes advantage of it.

Okay, I’ll give it a try. SPIT! My goodness, my very being has taken sail and I’m churning right along with the inevitable.

Yes, adversity in any great pursuit is inevitable. If you can’t stand up to adversity, idle your time away with mindlessness.

I see your point. But still there is the frustration.

Don’t misinterpret the feeling. Frustration is passion disorganized. Organize the energy. Go with the positive flow of hard work. Muster the powers of imagination and creativity. Spin ever faster until your participation has set a new record in category hurricanes. How about a category-6, maybe even a category-7? The possibilities are endless.

Yes, a category-7 would be great. But what about that gnat crashing onto hard pan?

Was the crash energetic?


Was its energy lost in the offing?

No, it had to have added to the universal energy field.

Then why the disappointment?

(Meek smile.) Sorry for my lapse of good sense. I’m back at it now, feeling positive, selfless and energetic.

Good. Category-7, one spit at a time.

Spit. Spit. Hey, that’s pretty simple.

Heller’s Canal has done its work. Now it’s your turn.

On to River of Lost Souls we march. Tally ho, troops. Follow me!

That’s it, lead and don’t follow. Success awaits.

Haven’t I already enjoyed a good deal of success?

Touche, I stand corrected.

I can feel the humidity rising and the wind picking up. Goodbye for now.

Goodbye. And remember to drink lots of water.

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