Next Destination — River of Lost Souls

El Rio de las Animas Perdidas -- The River of Lost Souls

El Rio de las Animas Perdidas — The River of Lost Souls


Next destination on the Full Sails Publishing website is up the Purgatorie River to Trinidad, Colorado in the year of 1873.

There we find Javier DeSomo, a young Mexican boy, who lives a life of physical and emotional abuse from his mother’s live-in lover, a ne’er-do-well ruffian named Harvey Brampton.

After another of Harvey Brampton’s brutal rampages, Javier escapes to his hidey hole down at the riverbank, where, near the breaking point, he digs in desperation to distance himself from his suffering and soon unearths an authentic Spanish Doubloon.

From that moment forward, Javier begins an intellectual and spiritual awakening, aided by an underground conclave of pixies known as Cillin, as this story of missing Conquistadors and lost gold from the period when Spain ruled the Western country unfolds.

At present, the book is over 150,000 words and is in dire need of focus. 

Thus, the Full Sails ship has departed; and when she leaves for new horizons, only time and good fortune will tell.

Please join me as the story tightens and develops, to hopefully enter the literary archive as a worthy coming-of-age tale where youth is challenged and changed for the better.


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