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Read All About It!

Read All About It!


To all current and future fans of the novels written by Gary S Sloan, Heller’s Canal, a western adventure set along the Front Range in Colorado Territory in 1872, is now officially published on Amazon and Smashwords.

Here is a short blurb of the story-line:


Sam Claiborne’s spirit roams the mountains and sleeps with the cougars and the grizzlies.

Weary of hunting the dwindling buffalo, he dreams of leaving the high plains in Colorado Territory in the summer of 1872 and returning to his beloved Rocky Mountains.

In search of water, he comes upon the new farming town of Littleton, along the South Platte River near Denver. “Just resupply and rest Cactus and Ballou,” he says as he leads his roan horse and Anatolian shepherd into town.

Young Emma Garrison feeds his belly and his imagination, passing on the news of severe drought. “The South Platte’s gone dry along with most of the range ponds. Only water left is the Latigo Bolson on the Triple–H ranch, owned by Harland Heller and his son, Hank.”

Sam senses foul play, follows his hunches and turns up dammed waters, untapped oil reserves and dangerous intrigues to own and control them.

Heller’s Canal is the beginning; Sam Claiborne’s pursuit for fair play is the end.


Further, a four-chapter excerpt is available here under menu item, BOOK EXCERPTS. And, of course, a sample of the book may be read on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com by following the links provided under MY BOOKS.

Also, a thriller series is in the works that promises hard-hitting, no-nonsense action. Guys, please take note. And as for any ladies of ample constitution, please take note, too. Expect the début title of the Trigger Thriller Series before the end of the year.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Gary S Sloan


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