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And The Final Lap is History



Today Heller’s Canal crossed the finish line. I began the book sometime in 2006; and I finished it on 31 July 2013. Break out the champagne:  It only took me eight years to finish!

Now, to publish it.

I sure hope the book generates some interest.

Of course, I will keep everybody posted.

(Sure was a load of fun to write.)

Down goes the flag on the next project, River of Lost Souls — a coming of age novel about a young Mexican boy set in Trinidad, Colorado in the 1870s.

Indeed, the project promises loads of work. I have to compress 150,000+ words down to around 100,000. Further, the story needs more development, making the desired length all the more challenging.

More on River of Lost Souls soon.

Smile — Failure Doesn’t Exist




Thomas Edison once said about his many attempts at inventing a commercially viable light bulb: “I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.” Source –

Thomas Edison was the fourth most prolific inventor of all time. In his 84 years, he held 1,093 patents. He was not a man of failure, but a man of success.

Is not writing a successful book much the same? “I have not failed lo those many times at writing a successful book. I have succeeded in knowing that those books did not sell. When I have learned my craft well enough, my books will succeed” – The Successful Writer

Here is my formula for writing a successful and popular book:

Step 1: Smile while you write and believe.

Step 2:  Smile while you believe and learn.

Step 3:  Smile while you learn and apply.

Step 4:  Smile while you apply and succeed.

Let us never forget — writing is fun!


The Black Hole Theory

Where only meaning exists.

Where only meaning exists.

Can you imagine existing in a black hole, in such denseness that light can’t escape?

A well written thought strikes me as similar: The idea is presented in such conciseness that nothing exists but its meaning. Confusion, vagueness and misinterpretation are crushed in the strength of the presentation, conveying reality alone.

It’s a neat metaphor, one that I contemplate often when I write.

A black hole pulls in matter to never allow it to escape.

A well written thought pulls in the reader to never allow him or her to escape.

A well written book is a galaxy of black holes, where the only escape is to finish every thought.

Write with the attraction of a black hole and watch your readership expand and not contract.



No Leaks Allowed

Perfect plane. No leak anywhere.

Perfect plane. No leak anywhere.

A perfect sentence and a perfect golf swing are similar — no leaks allowed.

Here’s what I mean:

A perfect golf swing requires smooth motion, precise angles, solid impact and a liquid follow-through.

A perfect sentence is smooth, precise, solid and imparts concise understanding.

What is a faulty golf swing?

A faulty golf swing displays awkward motion, imprecise angles, off-center impact, resulting in defective ball flight and reduced distance.

A faulty sentence reads awkward, imprecise, missing its point, resulting in wrong meaning and poor understanding.

A perfect golf swing is perfect.

A perfect sentence is perfect.

Learn how to write like a professional golfer swings and your sentences will stay on point and accurate.


Rev The Engine…

Grrumm ... grrumm ... grrumm...

Vroom … vroom … vroom…


Yesterday came and went a downer. Best I managed was to edit and post an addition to a former post Let’s Write a Story added by author Christi Mone Marie ( I guess the fuel tank neared empty and the engine could never run long enough to heat up.

With some rest and maintenance, I started the engine today and it rumbled alive and glows from the heat of high rpms.

Sometimes engines need a rest. Sometimes their tanks need refilled. Sometimes they need lubrication.

All that accomplished, the satisfying blatting of a well maintained engine makes me happy, because I can sail again to my many ports of call.

If the engine wishes to rest, allow it.

I can count on it firing up and off I go again.



Why Do I Write?

To think is to know. To imagine is to think.

To think is to know. To imagine is to think.


I will keep this short. No use me rambling, which I could.

Besides the fun derived, I write because it is the most educational discipline I have ever undertaken. Now, that is a powerful statement, because I spent the better part of my working years as a professional musician.

As a result, I know the meaning of cultivation, investing many hours to discover that many more hours are needed.

Since I have always found learning enjoyable, and since writing requires a constant stream of it, writing improves my knowledge and my intelligence.

Now, I am not saying that I have more knowledge and more intelligence than anybody. All I am saying is that writing helps me in those respects, and to me nothing is more frustrating than stasis. Thus, I write to keep growing. And to grow is fun. And what is more fun than fun?

The answer, of course, is more fun.

Writing is brain food. Growth is fun. So writing is fun!

Of course, I could list multitudinous other benefits. Why bother? I have listed the most important ones without rambling.